kerry beall original artwork blue ink portrait.jpg

I was setting up the studio earlier today ready to start on a painting. I’ve got three on the go at the moment, and they all need final details.

I wasn’t in the mood for any of them today. One thing I’m learning is, if the energy isn’t aligned for a certain painting then something else is calling, save that one for the day that it calls to you.

Admittedly, when you have a deadline that’s not always possible, but when it’s a free studio day it’s always good to work with intuition.

I started working into this painting, the blue portrait.

Enough time has past where I don’t feel particularly precious about it anymore. That said, it’s looking a bit ruined at the moment, and I’m not sure how I feel about it…

So the picture shown here is before the, shall I say, ‘amendments!’

The positives were: I felt alive doing it. I started pouring paint all over it and it was fun. Just to let go in that moment and not know what will happen…

When every piece is planned and I know what the outcome will be before it is finished it is boring and almost suffocating. I know this.

Being able to take risks keeps one moving forward. If you’re always within your comfort zone, then you can’t grow.

I know I can paint a portrait, but pushing it to the next level is where I want to go. Taking a risk on a painting that I love will be where the magic happens…I know it.

The lesson is not to feel bad if it doesn’t work. The more mistakes made the easier it will be to make them! therefore, exploring new territory. It has to be done!

When it feels like it isn’t working, keep the faith, keep going, push through, and you’ll arrive at something that is working.

THE ART OF ALLOWING - Tips for an artist

New print, coming soon!

New print, coming soon!

I wanted to share a recent realisation I had relating to the idea of 'being ready to receive'

I was listening to Abraham Hicks, an inspirational speaker, who discusses lots of ideas around the law of attraction. She usually discusses these ideas in a conversation with somebody asking a question they have regarding their own situation. One person had said "I want my business to expand and to be really successful" and she replied "yes, but are you ready to receive"

I thought about it for a while and how that comment applied to my own practice.

There is a distinct difference between hoping something will happen, and really knowing something will happen. In some respects 'hoping' can seem a rather passive approach, whereas 'knowing' has so much more power behind it. 

I thought to myself If I truly knew what I desired was definitely going to happen, I would have all the necessary tools in place to receive. 

For example, I've finished a new series of artwork. I imagined them selling, but, at the same time, focused on the many hurdles (that need not be hurdles, but that's another blog post!) like: Where will I store them? shall I print on demand? I don't drive yet, how will I pick them up? Is this cost effective?

So, if this sort of chatter is going on it's a massive block on the energy that creates excitement and motivation.
They could indeed be valid questions to ask, however, when there is acceptance around these problems without allowing the solutions to take a front seat, the message I'm giving to the universe is 'This is all a bit of a hassle!' 



So, If I really believed they were going to sell, felt it, knew it. I would've had a stack of stock ready to go...but I realised, I didn't. Clearly my actions were not in alignment with an energy of being 'ready to receive' 

Every time a sale comes in am I feeling excitement and gratitude? Have I got everything in place to make this easy for myself, like, all the necessary packaging equipment, the artwork itself, and most importantly, the belief in the work. It's good work, and it will sell. This was a bit of a lesson.
Now, if you're an artist wanting to sell your work these are some helpful tips that have helped me.

1. - Get clear on your desire.

What is your goal? Write this down. The act of writing it down can really help fine tune what you want and give yourself clarity. You might find your desire changes a bit and that's okay. The clearer you are on what you want, the easier it will be to make it happen. 

2.- Create work that you love

When you get that impulsive feeling and genuinely want to create the work, it will be your best stuff. The energy you put into it shows in the artwork. You'll have an audience that love what you do, you just have to find them.

3.- Work out your hurdles

Thrash this out a little. You know when you have your desire, it's a great idea, then your inspiration dwindles. Why is that? The internal chatter that is a bit fearful is talking you out of it and placing a few hurdles in your path.
Again, write this down. Write a list of all your concerns. e.g.

  • Printing is costly.
  • I might not make a profit.
  • What if it doesn't sell....etc

Give yourself free reign to write all these fears down in a list. Then make another column next to it and reach for a solution for everything on the list, or reach for a thought that feels better. e.g

  • I can invest in myself. The cost is worth it to create good quality work I'm proud of.
  • I can adjust my prices as I grow, it's all a learning curve.
  • There is an audience that will love what I do, I will find them in time.

You get the idea. Look at this list every time a new doubt creeps in. It's totally normal to have these fears, it's just a matter of practice to handle that fear in a different and more helpful way. You can add to the list and add new solutions each time. I would recommend sticking this up on a wall in your studio so you can see it. 

4.- Make it easy for yourself

Get ready to receive your desire and tackle those hurdles head on! Change the hoping to knowing. Start making small actions everyday that support your desire. So, for me it was to:
Get a plan chest to store my artwork in.
Run regular promotions on social media to let people know what stock I have available.
Invest in a printer and create my own prints
Order packaging in advance and create a system that is efficient and works

Also, Don't give up! Own a new energy that shows up everyday and matches your desire.
Don't forget to notice your progress. Most importantly, ENJOY THE JOURNEY! It's often more rewarding than the outcome!