kerry beall original artwork blue ink portrait.jpg

I was setting up the studio earlier today ready to start on a painting. I’ve got three on the go at the moment, and they all need final details.

I wasn’t in the mood for any of them today. One thing I’m learning is, if the energy isn’t aligned for a certain painting then something else is calling, save that one for the day that it calls to you.

Admittedly, when you have a deadline that’s not always possible, but when it’s a free studio day it’s always good to work with intuition.

I started working into this painting, the blue portrait.

Enough time has past where I don’t feel particularly precious about it anymore. That said, it’s looking a bit ruined at the moment, and I’m not sure how I feel about it…

So the picture shown here is before the, shall I say, ‘amendments!’

The positives were: I felt alive doing it. I started pouring paint all over it and it was fun. Just to let go in that moment and not know what will happen…

When every piece is planned and I know what the outcome will be before it is finished it is boring and almost suffocating. I know this.

Being able to take risks keeps one moving forward. If you’re always within your comfort zone, then you can’t grow.

I know I can paint a portrait, but pushing it to the next level is where I want to go. Taking a risk on a painting that I love will be where the magic happens…I know it.

The lesson is not to feel bad if it doesn’t work. The more mistakes made the easier it will be to make them! therefore, exploring new territory. It has to be done!

When it feels like it isn’t working, keep the faith, keep going, push through, and you’ll arrive at something that is working.