The fear is simply you're not living with life, you're living within your mind.


Such an inspirational snippet with  Sadhguru , Eckhart Tolle and Mooji. If you've got five minutes have a look.

This really resonated. The idea of fearing something that hasn't actually happened yet, so, therefore your fear is about something that does not exist. 

I was caught off guard by a bad dream the other night. I find these days that most feelings I encounter when I'm awake, I'm able to sit with. Acknowledge the feeling (not always comfortable!) before any thought is attached to it, which would give it momentum to become a fear that I believe in.

However, this dream was potent and then lingered around. It started invading my thoughts, to the point I was quite freaked out and thought I'd be faced with the monster as I ventured into another room!  

So, it's been another lesson in becoming an observer of thought and feeling without being totally consumed to the point they become a reality. AKA Insanity! ha!  



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A lesson in letting creativity flow:

So, this piece kind of developed without a plan. I had a rough idea in my mind based on a dream. I tend to think in pictures, the challenge is to hold onto that picture, strengthen it in my mind so I can re-create it. 

I was thinking about meditation, how there's so much information about 'how' to meditate, how to clear your mind, stop the thought long enough to let the inspired guidance come in.
I remember being on a beach with my grandparents when I was four years old. My mama used to say to me "hold the sea shells close to your ear so you can hear the sea"
I remember it so vividly. I was so there in the moment. Looking out at the sea, listening to the sound as if it was magic. Nothing else mattered. 
Meditation was kind of easy when I was four! The world was a wonderful place and the fears and worries didn't have any longstanding grip. I was in flow of life.

With that in mind, I thought, I'm not going to try so hard. There's no pressure on this. I'm going to let the current carry me and see where I end up. 
This piece has been a turning point, which feels really wonderful. I really loosened the reigns and let go of expectation. I allowed myself to explore, without the pressure of having to create a masterpiece! 

I had created some pretty tight rules around my artwork. This realisation came when it felt so good to break them! 

For the first time in ages I got lost. Lost in the flow of creating. I was really there and present in the making of this piece.

It reminded me of why I love to create. 



Flow is a new section of the website selling affordable, original artworks. 
My process as an artist is to frequently create one off pieces of art that are often inspired by a fleeting thought. Some of these pieces are developed further, others finish their  journey after one visual interpretation.  

Just like a diary, or a note book, it isn't edited. It's true and raw. It isn't perfect. It's honest.  These artworks are like a diary of my journey as an artist.  Expect imperfection, character and charm.  

So the stamp has finally arrived - very satisfying!  Each original study piece will be branded on the reverse...It's the graphic designer in me! 
These works will be available to buy in the 'Flow' section  


Artwork is stamped, signed and dated on reverse

Artwork is stamped, signed and dated on reverse

Flow is a celebration of creativity that I want to share by offering affordable, original artworks. They are working study pieces created in the studio, very much in the moment, when inspiration hits. Some have taken hours, some days. This is reflected in the price. They all hold a certain charm of exploring the unknown. They are raw. They come in varying sizes, mediums and supports... See which speaks to you. Enjoy browsing! 

Flow is a reflection of the creative process, to not be precious. To create it and let it go. It is a space that will be ever evolving with new ideas and thoughts. 



Finished Artwork - 

Finished Artwork - 

It's been an absolute pleasure to paint this commission for a lovely pair from Brighton. The brief was to create a cool and edgy portrait that would hold an essence of them, without being too obvious. So it took me back to my roots of creating raw and free flowing work.

Lots of charcoal, acrylic, tea and watercolour was used to create this piece, oh, and a liberal amount of gold ink.


Beyond Words Gaza is an Art Project I initiated in 2015. 
I painted the portraits of many lives that have been lost in Palestine, a fundraiser enabled all the portraits to be framed and sent to Palestine (where they now). I am hopeful the family members will receive the portraits at some point in the future. The plan is to let this project evolve how it is meant to. There is now an exhibition at the Palestinian and Cultural Museum in Bristol exhibition copies of all the portraits.

Read more on Beyond Words Gaza

BeyondWordsGaza is a project to paint the lives that have been lost in Palestine, with the aim of donating the portraits to the families.