kerry beall art woman with blue face baby pink golden sunset and swans

So, I've launched into the new year with a bang in terms of creativity which is an awesome feeling!
Just moved to Manchester from Bath so all change.

I love moving, mainly for the fact it gives your mind a big shake up. All that stagnant energy is released and once again, anything is possible! 

In the midst of the move I started sketching a few ideas, merging old works with new works, drawing, painting, scanning and printing then painting again.
It was liberating!!

I think I had made some subconscious rules around my creativity. This piece is a symbol of throwing all of those rules in the air and returning to the playfulness within creativity. Let's face it, that's where the magic happens! It was so enjoyable and liberating! 

I'm looking forward to see how this piece develops.

This composition flashed into my mind just before I fell asleep. The blue face, the swans with pink tipped wings in front of a golden sun. 



The fear is simply you're not living with life, you're living within your mind.


Such an inspirational snippet with  Sadhguru , Eckhart Tolle and Mooji. If you've got five minutes have a look.

This really resonated. The idea of fearing something that hasn't actually happened yet, so, therefore your fear is about something that does not exist. 

I was caught off guard by a bad dream the other night. I find these days that most feelings I encounter when I'm awake, I'm able to sit with. Acknowledge the feeling (not always comfortable!) before any thought is attached to it, which would give it momentum to become a fear that I believe in.

However, this dream was potent and then lingered around. It started invading my thoughts, to the point I was quite freaked out and thought I'd be faced with the monster as I ventured into another room!  

So, it's been another lesson in becoming an observer of thought and feeling without being totally consumed to the point they become a reality. AKA Insanity! ha!