Describe what is it like in a typical day of your life.

Well, my studio is in my house, and even though it is super nice to work from home, it does come with distractions! 
So, I try to plan my day the night before. I'll schedule in some hours for admin, marketing, blog posts, creating artwork, extra time for posting and packaging artworks (that takes longer than you'd imagine!)

I also try to schedule in proper breaks, as it's easy to find yourself working all day and night otherwise. I often start the day off with a run and a good breakfast. It really clears my head and gets me feeling ready for the day.
Then, typically, I'll do I'll my admin bits and pieces and paint in the afternoon.

That said, I try to be pretty flexible in terms of what I do when. I find when action comes from an inspired place it just flows like water, that's a good feeling. Less efforting, more flow!

Why did you choose to be an artist?

From a young age I always enjoyed being creative. I loved drawing, painting, creating pieces of art. I remember finding some water soluble pencils when I was about 4 and thought that were actually magic! naturally, I drew all over my skin rather than paper! 

I think expression through creativity is something I've always been guided towards and still am now. 
Sometimes it feels like it was a conscious choice, other times it feels as if I was (and still am) being gently prompted towards an artistic pathway.

How did becoming an artist affect your life?

I think being an artist is always there, in lots of us perhaps. 
I think part of the key is if it becomes your full time job, to keep it magical. The magic is what new creations feeds off. 
I still find now that I have to check in with myself and make sure I'm keeping the balance.

What did you do to become an artist/what training or education did you need?

I started with an art and design BTEC at a college in Bristol, and then went on to study Graphic Design.
I actually worked as a graphic designer for about 8 years and still do freelance work now.
I suppose my work has naturally evolved into a more illustrative practise.
I'm self taught as a painter, but I find the graphic design heavily influences my work in terms of colour and composition.


How do you feel about the starving artist stereotype?

I think it puts a lot of people off from pursuing their dream. 
If you believe something enough, even a stereotype like this one, there is a good chance that will be the story you tell and therefore the reality you experience. 
If you're open to telling yourself it's possible, listening to the cues that life is always presenting to you, keeping an open mind and not tying yourself to time limits then you can tell a different story.



woman spiritual fine artwork charcoal and ink drawing kerry beall

.Do you have any advice for becoming an artist?

Get clear on your goals. Ask yourself this: What do you really want?
and Why do you want it?
The 'why' helps you work out where your desire to become an artist is coming from. Is it from the core of who you are, which will give you the determination and strength to fulfil any challenge that you meet along the way to your goal.
If it is more ego based, wanting approval, acceptance, self worth etc, Then you may fall off the path a little and give up too soon.

I remember speaking with an artist who is now making a living through his art.
It took him fifteen years.
How many people would say it isn't working and succumb to the 'starving artist' mindset and give up after five years, two even! 

If you want to be an artist and it is in alignment with your truest desire, then you are an artist now! 
Enjoying the journey is one of the biggest pieces of advice.
Enjoy it by knowing you will reach your goal, but getting there is just as delightful as the outcome.


What is your favourite part about being an artist?

Having a vision, creating it and bringing it into existence.
A thought or an idea that turns into an object that everyone can see and experience is pretty magic! 


How do you balance being an artist with your normal life?

It is my normal life I guess. Normal is different for everyone, this is my 'normal'


How does art benefit society? Why are artists important?

Art, in varying forms, feeds the soul. It can ignite a spark in us, move us, or just bring us joy. It can be a powerful communicator as person speaking any language can share a piece of art and interpret it in their own way.