Have your own one of a kind portrait created in ink, charcoal, paint or mixed media

How it works

  1. Get in touch via the contact form with an initial idea of what you'd like,  I'll get back to you asap.

  2. Send me your requirements and any photographs / reference images

  3. We can discuss these requirements and decide on size, media and a photograph to work from

  4. Timescales and pricing are agreed.

  5. 50% deposit is paid with the balance on completion.

  6. Regular updates of the painting’s progress, although some people prefer a surprise!

  7. The finished painting/drawing is delivered.




What people have said - 

We wanted our portrait to be edgy and a step away from something traditional. Kerry's work is free and raw with such an exciting quality to it. We wanted that style in a portrait - The finished painting is just what I'd imagined....but so much more than! Incredible! 


More Detail

To begin with get in touch via the contact form and let me know what you would like, along with any additional questions you may have. 

I will respond to you as soon as I can and ask you to send photos to work from at this point so I can begin to envision the portrait.

I usually work from photographs,  and can reproduce the chosen photograph as an artwork. Instead of just producing a literal reproduction of a photograph, the artwork often takes on a personality of its own and that of the subject so it is totally unique and personal to you. 

Next, we will discuss what photograph will be best to work from, any ideas you have in mind, any additional reference images you would like to share. 

The size of the artwork, the colours, materials and media. I offer a range of styles from a classic charcoal drawing, ink and mixed media, watercolour, oil or acrylic on canvas,.

It is very helpful to see a few additional photographs along with a conversation about what is wanted in the portrait.

This discussion will help me get a feel for personality and character, so I can better understand your needs and wishes

Some clients have not really known exactly what they want, often they've just wanted a particular colour scheme, and the rest has evolved from there.

Some people choose to show reference images if they have a clearer idea of the style they're wanting, or have referenced some of my other artwork and have wanted something similar to that style.

Either way, it will be a one of a kind piece you can treasure forever. 

We will arrange for the creation of your portrait to be scheduled in, and agree on an appropriate timeframe for completion, and the price of the artwork.

A deposit of 50% will be paid initially and the balance one the artwork is completed and you're happy.

I am more than happy to send progress shots of your portrait so you can see it come to life, although some clients prefer to have that element of surprise. 

Each drawing or painting will be created with high quality art materials that I use for all of my work.

Then the the artwork will be wrapped and sent out to you, or depending on where you are based I can offer delivery or collection.


Price guide

A bespoke quote will be created for each individual commission. However, here is a guide of typical prices for artworks in varying sizes and media to give an idea.

Sizes start from:

21cm x 14cm
£50 +

29cm x 21cm (A4)
 £85 - £155 +

29cm x 42cm  (A3)
£280 - £390 +

60cm x 60cm
£420 - £700 +

Larger scale
£700 - £1,000 +

These are approximate prices depending on media, materials and the level of detail required.