Flow is a new section of the website selling affordable, original artworks. 
My process as an artist is to frequently create one off pieces of art that are often inspired by a fleeting thought. Some of these pieces are developed further, others finish their  journey after one visual interpretation.  

Just like a diary, or a note book, it isn't edited. It's true and raw. It isn't perfect. It's honest.  These artworks are like a diary of my journey as an artist.  Expect imperfection, character and charm.  

So the stamp has finally arrived - very satisfying!  Each original study piece will be branded on the reverse...It's the graphic designer in me! 
These works will be available to buy in the 'Flow' section  


Artwork is stamped, signed and dated on reverse

Artwork is stamped, signed and dated on reverse

Flow is a celebration of creativity that I want to share by offering affordable, original artworks. They are working study pieces created in the studio, very much in the moment, when inspiration hits. Some have taken hours, some days. This is reflected in the price. They all hold a certain charm of exploring the unknown. They are raw. They come in varying sizes, mediums and supports... See which speaks to you. Enjoy browsing! 

Flow is a reflection of the creative process, to not be precious. To create it and let it go. It is a space that will be ever evolving with new ideas and thoughts.